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Rates and policies

20% commission

We get paid by results, so it's in our interests to make the most of the commission you pay. That's why we only take on your property if we think we're the right agency for you. We know we're not the cheapest but as there are no hidden extras, we are by no means the most expensive.

Our contract with you

We recognise that circumstances change and therefore our contracts run for a calendar year at a time. We send out new contracts every spring for the following year.


If a booking cancels for any reason, you'll still get the full booking payment thanks to our cancellation guarantee scheme. The fee is charged per booking and by the size of the property. Please feel free to contact us and ask for more information.


Accidents happen, but we can claim up to £350 from the guest's payment card for provable damages incurred. 


We have a policy exclusively for our holiday home owners, should you choose to use it. Of course, if you do choose to stay with your existing company this is more than okay, but it is important that they are aware that you are holiday letting and do check you're covered for Public Liability.

For our overseas owners

This is also very simple for us to sort with you. We do have to deduct tax at the standard rate from your net rent as an overseas resident. The Inland Revenue have now established self-assessment for Overseas Residents and you can find all the details here: As soon as we're notified by the IR that you're eligible for self-assessment, we will stop deducting tax and will refund as necessary.

Tax information

We understand this is something that needs looking at closely. If you let your property for holidays then the Inland Revenue regard this as a business. This has considerable tax advantages, including significant reductions on your potential Capital Gains Tax liability, more favourable allowances on your capital expenditure and the ability to avoid Income Tax on a propertion of your income by investing in a pension plan. For more information please read our guide to tax income for holiday lets