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The question on everybody’s lips when holidaying in England is: what happens if it rains? The reality is, rainfall is not limited to one particular season in the UK and instead occurs all year round. Consequently, we have developed a bit of a reputation regarding the mercurial nature of our weather.

The south west actually benefits from some of the most glorious weather in the country, with temperatures reaching into the 30s in summer. Beautiful sunshine, white sand beaches and azure waters can often kid holidaymakers into thinking they are in the Med and allow for long, fun-filled days on the beach. That said though, it’s nevertheless helpful to consider a backup plan beforehand, just in case the heavens do decide to open up.

For solo travellers and couples, having a contingency plan may not require much effort. However, for families with children, trying to keep any number of youngsters entertained can be a daunting prospect. In this respect, by going the extra mile and ensuring that your holiday cottage caters for children, you can secure happy customers, raving reviews and extra bookings.

Converting a second sitting-room, outhouse or even the attic into a children’s playroom is an ideal way of providing kids with their own space, and will give them ample opportunity to keep themselves entertained. Consoles, DVD players, games and arts and crafts activities will allow for hours of fun; you may even wish to consider a pool table or football table. Providing these extras will mean that children are kept occupied on days where the sun may not be shining, and will take the pressure off any anxious parents who are worried about how best to fill their day.

Activities provided don’t need to be too expensive or extravagant, but any extras will go a long way to making your cottage stand out from the crowd. If your space is limited, there are clever tricks you can do to compensate. For example, why not double up your dining table as a home-made tennis table? Or leave some fun recipes out for the family to try in the kitchen? Even providing a selection of DVDs for a movie marathon will allow for much needed entertainment.

Bringing just one or two of these ideas into your cottage could make a real difference when it comes to securing family holiday bookings. If you have a large property and a big budget you can really splash out on luxury facilities, but even investing in the latest games console or a small pool table will help – just remember that if the children are happy, the parents will be happy, and everyone will enjoy their holiday.

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