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Tips for fixing holiday WiFi problems

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This is great as it creates a much more user-friendly experience, but it’s not without its complications. Sometimes, for reasons unbeknownst, your internet connection will cut out and leave you staring blankly at an error page. Annoying, right?


However, fear not, as often the solution is actually very simple. If you’re new to the world of WiFi or you’re looking for some quick-fix tips you haven’t already tried, here are the basics to try first:



Check your laptop or device for a WiFi switch

More often than not, our laptops/phones/tablets will have some form of switch or button that enables and disables the internet. If your networks are no longer displayed, have a look to make sure you haven’t accidentally disabled the WiFi on your device. On a laptop, this switch or button may be sitting above the keyboard, or on the front or side of the laptop. On a phone or tablet, head to your settings to check if WiFi is still enabled.


When in doubt: shut down, reboot

If you have tried out solution #1 to no avail, try the good ol’ restart method. Turn off your device for a couple of minutes, let it calm down, then turn it back on again. This is the same for both your computer and your wireless router.


Check your wiring

Sometimes, the cause of your problems is a loose wire. Check all wiring and connections into your router and computer and make sure they’re properly secured, and also that there’s no damage to any cables.


Reposition your router

All routers have a limited range. If you lose internet connection, the case may be that you’ve strayed too far out of your router’s coverage zone. However, it could also be that there is something blocking your router’s range. Make sure your route isn’t buried behind anything, and is also clear of large objects, preferably sitting in an open space. Stone walls and anything metal will block  signal too.


Restore settings

If things aren’t getting any better, try restoring your router to its factory settings. Note, this will wipe out of all your existing settings and may mean you have to reconfigure your internet settings again too. The reset button is usually found on the back of the router, and you’ll need the end of a paper clip, or something similar, to press it.


Reinstall your router’s software

Reinstalling your router may be a good option if internet connection is still not happening. You can usually uninstall software through your computer’s programmes list. Once this has been successfully installed, plug in your WiFi device again and complete the reinstallation process.


Use an online tool

Be armed with information before ringing any helplines – use a speed checker or online diagnosis tool to find out how well your setup is performing. You’ll need to be at home as the broadband speed checker works by downloading a file and measuring how long it takes to receive it.


Speak to someone

We appreciate the idea of fixing technology by using more technology may seem a little tedious, but most manufacturers will provide a contact number. If you’ve tried all of the above to no avail, give the manufacturer’s helpline a call, and they should be able to guide you through the next best steps.


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