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Everything we buy and use has an impact. We can ensure our money is doing good than just the object or service it provides us with. We have picked out a few ways to buy and share in the right way, when it comes to you setting up your property to let as a holiday home. 

This guide covers:

Eco friendly cleaning products

Welcome tray suggestions

Furnishing your holiday home in an eco friendly way


Benefits to using eco friendly cleaning products


Eco friendly cleaning products for your holiday let


A big part of  being a holiday cottage owner is keeping your property spick and span for your guests to enjoy the perfect getaway. Whether you deal with changeovers yourself, are part of a fully-managed service or hire help, effective cleaning products will be your holiday home's best friend and weave a sparkly path to happy guests and great reviews.

So what cleaning products should you use? It may be tempting to pick up your old favourites. However, many standard off-the-shelf cleaning products, whilst they do a good job, aren't actually that brilliant for you, your holiday cottage or the environment long term.


How eco cleaning products are kinder to the environment

One of the main disadvantages of regular cleaning products is the array of harmful chemicals they contain, such as ammonia, phthalates, chlorine, nonoxynols and many, many more.

Once you have used these sprays and scrubs in your property, there is often a residue left on surfaces and fumes in the air. Whilst the ingredients of regulated products have been deemed safe, there is a long-term risk involved and often a lack of transparency with labelling and what each product actually contains.

As a result of these harmful chemicals, it is not uncommon for people to experience skin irritation and allergic reactions. However, in contrast, eco-friendly products contain a lot of natural ingredients such as lactic acid, citric acid and enzymes which are much less harsh and over-powering.


What are the best eco cleaning products?

Luckily for us, there are a lot of eco friendly cleaning brands to choose from! Having read up on a few recommended brands, we have picked out the top three we believe are the best suited for holiday home cleaning:


1. Smol

Best for: Squeaky clean surfaces

Their business model is slightly different to other eco friendly cleaning companies. This is because they still do use some chemicals, to allow for the most effective cleaning, but they are all about refillables and recyclable products. Making the a popular choice.

They deliver capsules rather than big bottles. All concentrated formulations that you can pop in a bottle, add water and away you go. The dishwasher and laundry tablets are also well rated.

Check out their products here.


2. Method

Best for: Chemical free cleaning products

Method's product range includes all of your usual cleaning products, including multi-purpose spray, handsoaps, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner and polishes. They smell really good and are nice looking products to leave in the properties for guests to use themselves during their stay. You can also pick Method products up from most supermarkets.

See all of their product range and order online here.


3. Ecover

Best for: Well priced products and a broad range of products

One of the longest standing eco cleaning product companies in the UK, Ecover have lead the way with the eco cleaning range movement. From bleaches to handsoaps and everything in between, their product collection covers everything you need to clean your holiday let to the highest standard, in an environmentally friendly way. They are also stocked in most high street general stores and supermarkets.

Buy direct from Ecover here




One of the advantages of natural and homemade cleaning products, such as baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar, is that they are much more environmentally friendly than standard shop-bought cleaning products.

Unfortunately, many chemicals from harsher cleaning products eventually end up in our waterways and soil, damaging our fragile eco-system and upsetting the natural balance. Eco-friendly cleaning products are much more biodegradable and have far less of an impact on the environment, a great way to keep our cottages clean and consciences clear. 



Welcome trays



Buy local

Give yourself the challenge of finding what you need locally, using local business and community networks online and face to face. It’s hugely satisfying, brings transport miles right down and keeps all the money circulating locally.

Think about local biscuits, milk and egg suppliers and find what you can from neighbouring villages. It might be nice to include a bit about the suppliers in your welcome packs in case guests would like to visit themselves!



There are some simple but delicious bakes you can do to include in your holiday let for your guests' arrival. Not only are they very well received, but they are also a good way to reduce packaging and wastage. Shortbread is a popular choice, as are scones and the classic Victoria Sponge. 


Want to read more suggestions for your welcome trays? Take a look at our guide to welcome trays here.



Furnishing your holiday let, with the environment in mind



Be creative

Instead of buying mass-produced art online, approach local great artists using  or one of the many online directories and use your property as a gallery for their work. Buy or rent! Negotiate the deal according to what works for you both. There are astonishing paintings, ceramics, sculptors and more across the UK. Make the connection! 


Buy repurposed

Unique pieces are now available across all counties that are hand-made and upcycled: how can you ensure your property is absolutely unique, low impact and high quality? And use your platform to encourage our visitors to do the same, and avoid the mass-produced plastic or low quality and high impacts imports. 


Fair trade and ethical

Use sources like to determine ethical options from furniture, linen, and refurb choices, and the many shops now emerging across local towns with Fair Trade and ethical products.




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