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Little changes to improve your holiday let

How to holiday let

Tea in a holiday cottage

A beautiful property, in a magnificent setting. The guests arrive full of holiday anticipation and settle in to make their first cup of tea after a long drive. The welcome tray is set with local biscuits, tea bags and there's fresh milk in the fridge. Perfect. Except they have to use a dessert spoon to stir the sugar. A minor quibble, nothing to get upset about.

Later in the evening, said guest luxuriates in the freestanding bath, truly relaxing into holiday mode. They dry themselves with perfectly laundered, fluffy towels and feel refreshed. But, oh. There's no hairdryer. Not to worry, they're on holiday - a good towel dry for that beach-head look and we won't let it worry us.

It's time to cosy up in front of the fire. One guest has been diligently setting about stacking the firewood in the fireplace to get a good roar, hot toddies nearly ready on the stove. Except they're having to be creative to get it going by lighting a piece of paper on the gas hob and walking it through to the lounge because someone forgot the matches. That's quite annoying. And also, pretty dangerous.

Ok, so that last one was a rare potential occurrence. But you get the point.

It's the little things that add up.

Little things in a holiday let


1. Holiday home-from-home

Everything they take for granted at home will be much appreciated when on holiday, particularly when saving on luggage space.

Hairdryers, mirrors and even hair straighteners if you want to go all out. Hooks on the doors, solid coat hangers, waste paper baskets...

Use our standard holiday cottage inventory (the minimum required when letting through Classic) and you won't go far wrong. Just make sure you check everything each season for wear and tear.

Minimum inventory


2. A good night's sleep

Things are always rosier when you wake up on the right side of a comfy bed. A grumpy, tired guest is nobody's friend so it's well worth investing in good quality beds and mattresses. No squeaks, no lumps, no bumps. And no stains.

That goes for bedding too. Good quality bedding is a sound investment in terms of lasting well and coddling guests. Pillows should be plump and sheets soft.

Pink Door at 54 bed


3. Self catering quality

Guests are used to everything they need to cook their family favourites in the comfort of their own home, so why shouldn't they be comfortable in their holiday home?

Don't underestimate the difference sharp knives and clean tea towels can make when guests are making themselves at home. Decent chopping boards, a good supply of dishwasher tabs (at least one a day) and even some champagne glasses as bubbles aren't as fizzy in a wine glass. Food can be a major factor in a self catering holiday so make their experience the best it can be.

Self catering holiday cottage


4. Inside Outside

Guests will inevitably be coming in and out of your property, and with the weather not being guaranteed, wet weather provisions are a godsend. If you're cold and wet, the quicker you can get comfy the better. Plus it'll protect your property if you think to provide something as simple as doormats, boot scrapers, a box for wellies and brollies. Even a towel for a wet dog...


5. Four-legged children

Now that we've mentioned them, dog lovers love anything that shows appreciation for their pooch. Leave a few extras aimed at their four-legged friend and you'll make friends for life. Dog blankets, beds, treats and poo bags are good staples in a dog friendly holiday cottage.

Making your holiday home dog friendly


6. The human children

Never mind the dogs, child safety is a given. Everything has to be safe from little fingers and wobbly legs, so stair gates must be fully functioning, blinds should have safety cords and adding blackout blinds to children's bedrooms is a nice extra touch. A few toys are always gratefully received, too. For that extra special touch, try a mobile or nightlights particularly in a baby friendly cottage.

Entertainment in a holiday cottage


7. Technology

It's a modern era and people expect things to work. PAT testing aside, make things as easy as possible to use, with WiFi codes readily accessible and instruction booklets to hand. And check those smoke detector batteries. Everybody hates that annoying beep.

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