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How to be a dog friendly holiday cottage and the benefits

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A recent survey revealed that 34% of all UK households now own a dog*. Before the pandemic this figure was 23%. This means the proportion of dog owners in the UK has risen by 48% in the last three years alone. With the number of households making up more than a third of the UK’s population, it is a big market.

Naturally, those with a dog are keen to take them on holiday, meaning that the domestic staycation market has shifted, with more households looking for dog-friendly holiday cottages.

*Figures are based on a survey conducted by Statistica.

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Flash facts from Classic Cottages 


Fact One: Dog friendly holiday cottages earned 19% more and took 12% more bookings in 2022 vs holiday cottages that don't take dogs.

Fact Two: 56% of holidays were in dog friendly cottages in 2022 versus 51% in 2019.

So the figures show that not only has the number of households with a dog in the UK risen, but dog friendly holiday cottages are also proving to be more popular. 


There are also a couple of other benefits worth considering too...


1. Guests may be inclined to stay longer and spend more, as they do not need to make alternative arrangements for their dog whilst they’re away, such as expensive kennelling.

2. As the property owner, you receive additional money when guests book with a dog (with Classic this is £38 per dog per week), to acknowledge the extra trouble you go to for your housekeeping.


Would you like to know more about making your property dog friendly?


If you'd like to speak to the team about making your property dog friendly, We'd be happy to talk through any questions you have. Contact us at 

We've also put together some suggestions below on how to make your cottage dog friendly and how to add those extra touches, that go a long way. 


Top 10 tips on how to make your holiday cottage dog friendly


1. A water bowl and food bowl

Ensure all pups are catered for with a water bowl and food bowl. Go the extra mile with a wipeable mat too.


2. Towels

Every dog loves a good explore whatever the weather, so prepare for their return with a couple of dedicated dog towels at the ready.

Snug as a bug 


3. Biscuits

Leaving biscuits in a welcome tray for owners to use as treats is a sure-fire way of winning everyone over. Biscuits can be purchased from local pet stores everywhere and are very reasonably priced.


4. Poop bags

Help guests tidy up by giving them some poop bags in amongst the welcome goodies, and explain how and where to dispose of the bags at the property.


5. Stair gate

Providing a stair gate can be a useful 'extra' for dog owners, to help keep their four legged friends in their space.


6. Doggy house rules

We have a handy, friendly doggy house rules leaflet that you can pop into your guest welcome pack. Just ask the property team and they'll be able to provide them.


7. Dog-friendly activities 

Leave an information pack to let your guests about dog friendly attractions and places to visit in the area, including upcoming events of interest and top dog friendly places to eat.



8. Local walks and dog friendly beaches 

Lend advice on the best local walks to enjoy with your four legged friend, so when the ‘W’ word is dared uttered, your guests will be totally prepared for the ensuing excitement. Noting the closest dog friendly beaches will also help guests to create a fun filled itinerary for their visit. 


9. Dog sitting services

Some of our owners go all out and offer a dog sitting service, meaning their guests can go out for a nice evening meal and you get to temporarily adopt a cute ball of fluff. If that doesn’t sound appealing though, you can always leave contact numbers for trusted local businesses.


10. Vet contact details

Supplying the details of your local vet gives owners peace of mind and can provide essential help in moments of need.


11. Dog biscuit recipes

We are undoubtedly a nation of food-lovers, but that doesn’t mean we should have all the fun. Why not find some recipes for doggy biscuits or treats for your guests to recreate on a rainy day? See our recipe below to get you started!


Peanut butter dog treat recipe



1 1/2 cups whole wheat organic flour (substitute as necessary for special dietary requirements)

1 cup natural peanut butter 

1 cup organic chicken broth

1/4 cup Parmesan cheese

Add some tasty extras like shredded carrots



Preheat oven to approx. 350 °F/180 °C

Mix all of your ingredients in a bowl

Dust the counter top with flour and roll the dough out until it is half an inch/one centimetre thick 

Choose your favourite cookie cutter! Then, cut out as many treats as you can from the dough

Bake until lightly browned (around 15-20 minutes)

Leave to cool


 *This recipe is from Communikait.

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