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Decorate your holiday cottage for Christmas


Warm fires, hot drinks and stolen glances at the sky to search for a distant flash of light; Christmas is nearly here. With plenty of people looking to try something new this Christmas, guests are swapping traditional Christmases at home in front of the box for exciting adventures.

From enchanting walks through frost-laced countryside to strolls along the harbour watching multi-coloured lights dance on glassy seas, guests are in for an atmospheric treat this South West Christmas. But why not bring the magic indoors too?

Christmas lights reflecting off the water

Whether or not you’re a Christmas fan we can all appreciate the messages of giving and well-wishing that come with the festive season. No matter your budget, you can invest in some decorations big or small to add to your holiday cottage and make your guests’ Christmas experience the best one yet.

If you want to go all out or simply mix and match your favourite festive decorations, here are our top choices for every Christmas cottage:

Christmas tree decorations for your guests to enjoy

Christmas tree

Fresh or faux, Christmas trees have been the symbol of Christmas ever since Prince Albert made them popular in the mid-1800s. Lavish them in tinsel and ornaments or dress them in minimalist baubles, Christmas trees are the, well, star on the treetop for any Christmas cottage.

DIY Christmas decorations

The internet is full to bursting with DIY Christmas decorations, from 40 decorations to make with pine cones to a whole host of last minute easy DIY decorations.


Hung on the mantelpiece, over your bed post or sat by the tree, Christmas stockings are a lovely touch for guests spending Christmas day in your cottage.

Christmas cottage's candy canes

Candy canes

Or mince pies. Or a Christmas pudding. Leave some tasty treats in a little welcome tray for your guests to enjoy.

Snow globes

Buy festive snow globes to pop in your cottage or follow our quick, easy method to make your own:


Clean, empty jars or ready-bought snow globe and base


Mini figurines (of people, a sleigh, Christmas trees, reindeer… whatever you like!)


Epoxy glue




Create a base out of plasticine (use white plasticine for a snowy hillside) and place in the centre of your jar lid or globe base

Make sure your plasticine is piled high enough so you can still see your figurines once you tighten your lid back onto the jar or globe

Position your characters then stick them in place with your glue

Carefully stick your plasti-scene onto the inside of the lid, making sure there is enough empty space around the plasticine for the lid to close

Leave to set for about 10-15 minutes

Take the lid off your jar or globe and top up with water, drop in one teaspoon of glitter and two drops of glycerin and mix until the glitter is sufficiently blended into the water

Gently screw your lid back onto your jar or globe, tight enough so it won’t leak

Place your snowglobe upside down to sit on its lid, shake and watch your snowy world come to life!


No Christmas meal is complete without crackers.

Fairy lights

Loop them around your tree, drape them across your fireplace, hang them over door frames or pretty much anywhere you’d like to add a pretty, romantic touch. Just make sure they’re PAT tested to avoid a toasted Christmas tree!

Festive table ready for your guests to enjoy their self-catering experience this Christmas


For a more grown up treat, why not leave some wine of the classic or mulled variety for your guests to sip on a wintery eve.

Christmas cards

Leaving a greetings card, not just at Christmas but year-round, for your guests to read on their arrival is a nice personal touch that’ll leave them feeling really welcome.

Festive foliage

Holly, poinsettia, mistletoe and other festive foliage can be left in bunches around your holiday home as easy, effective decorations.


Create an extra special welcome by placing a Christmas wreath on the front door. Or for a tasty twist, why not try an edible wreath from Rocket Gardens?

Christmas decorations this festive seasons

Once you’re sure you’re ready for winter and have sufficiently decorated your cottage, all that’s left to do is enjoy.

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