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A cheat’s walk to Golden Cap

Adam holidayed in Sceat Cottage (1246), one of our cottages near Lyme Regis.

Photo Credits Photography Cornwall.

We have been holidaying on the Jurassic Coast for a while now and ever since I proposed on top of the Golden Cap it has become tradition to revisit it each time we are in the area. In the past we have always climbed the 191 metre (or 627 feet!) to the summit of Golden Cap from the beach at either Charmouth or Seatown, both great walks in their own right, and you will have earned a pub lunch after them. But with a toddler now in tow these walks would be too much for him and a little too much for my back when the inevitable would happen and he would climb onto my shoulders.

  • Go to Langdon Hill car park
  • Go east or west out of the car park
  • Turn south and walk across two fields to the base of the Golden Cap
  • Start your ascent
  • Enjoy the views


View from the Golden Cap over Charmouth and Lyme Regis

 So, when I got chatting to a local in the George Inn in Chideock, over one of their fantastic wood-fired pizzas (which are only fired up on a Thursday night if you’re keen), he told me about the local's 'cheat' route. It was just finding it that was the hardest bit... 

On the A35 between Chideock and Morecombelake, at the brow of the hill there is a little turning to the south (view here). Then take the next left and follow the signs to the Langdon Hill car park. You will have to pay if you are not a National Trust member but it is a very reasonable 20p per hour. It is worth paying for 2 hours - you can easily make it there and back in one hour, especially if you take the shorter route and head south out of the car park, but why rush


View from the Golden Cap

picnic on the golden cap

 Set off in either direction of the circular Langdon Hill walk which is a fairly level,  offering lovely glimpses between the trees of the rolling hills and valleys and there are a few seats to sit down and admire the views. It will be obvious when you get to the path to the Golden Cap, which unfortunately goes down and across a couple of fields, before the steep but short climb to what looks like a pointed summit. 

Golden Cap dominates the coastline in the Lyme Bay area, but it is not until you reach the top and the triangulation pillar that you realize quite how high it is, with breathtaking views down across the coast to the east overlooking Seatown, Chesil Beach and the Isle of Portland. When you walk a little further to the south it plateaus out with a nice open space and tremendous views to the west over Charmouth and Lyme Regis. I always feel as though I’m in a hot air balloon floating over the coast. This is the best spot to sit down, open the flask, get out the picnic and enjoy the fact that you paid for the extra hour in the car park.

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