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10 properties with unforgettable views

What is a view? Definition: a view is a sight or prospect, typically of attractive natural scenery.

A view is truly a many splendoured thing, it can capture your heart, seize your soul and make it sing, it can amaze, astound and astonish, it can release you from a reverie and send you into one all at the same time. But - it's all very subjective, isn't it? So, what is your view of a view?

Would your vision of beauty be a fairy-tale castle standing majestic in a shimmering, sparkling blue sea which softly caresses the sun-kissed, sandy beach? Or a light autumnal mist gently dispersing in the early morning sunshine over a wild, windswept, mysterious moor? Or maybe it's spring lambs gambolling in a meadow filled with wildflowers? 

Whilst I'm definitely a 'walking on sunshine' kind of girl rather than an 'ain’t no sunshine' one, I can, and do, ooh and ahh at the beauty of dark, leaden skies rolling over the ocean on a wild and windy day or the desolate and yet magical moorlands in the grip of a hard frost. There’s no doubt about it, a view can be exhilarating-ly spectacular whatever the weather. Personally, I love to gaze at the sea; a beautiful, sun-streaked mackerel sky over an ever-changing seascape is a mesmerising sight to behold. I’m reliably informed by my children that one day I shall have my own sea view - it seems they’ve earmarked a room for me at a nearby residential care home that stands high and proud on the clifftop. You see, there’s always something to look forward to! 

Just like Basil, we can't promise you a sunrise over the Sydney Opera House or a panorama of a herd of wildebeest sweeping majestically across the open fields but a stay at one of our ‘location, location, location’ rooms with a view may just be the sight needed for your sore eyes - who says you can’t have it all?

Rock (3325)

A view to make you go ‘wow’! Breathtaking views of the ocean - start the day off there and you may well still be there at the end of the day. Take a tour around Rock.

Rock overlooks the beach at Portreath in Cornwall.

Creek Cottage (4086)

You’ll wish you were up the creek without a paddle if it meant being stranded at Creek Cottage - listen to the sound of silence.

Gaze down the creek on a sunny afternoon.

Grand View (3345)

Eco-friendly magnificence - you literally can see for a country mile! Look through the interiors at Grand View.

The epic views of Grand View are the perfect backdrop to your Devon holiday.

Sunnynook (4157)

Sittin’ on the deck of the bay, watchin’ the tide roll away - go on, waste a bit of time! Virtually soak up the view on Sunnynook's property page.

Dine al fresco with the view of Bigbury Bay.

Bashford Lodge (3226)

There’s nothing bashful about the far-reaching countryside views from Bashford Lodge. Space, space, space.

The Somerset sunsets from the balcony of Bashford Lodge. 

Riverview (3731)

The hint is in the name. Fabulous riverside views and no need to even leave your bed. Take a look around Riverview now.

The outside area of Riverview is the perfect place for relaxing outdoors.

Lottie's Loft (2565)

A love story of a cottage in Dorset’s gorgeous, green and pleasant patchwork quilt of open countryside. Peek inside Lottie's Loft and fall in love.

 Beautiful countryside views of Dorset from the balcony.

Ridge House (3991)

Make a wish! Does it involve stylish living, superb sea views yet on the doorstep of a national park and a gin bar? Turn your fantasy into a reality at Ridge House.

Treat yourself to a hot tub holiday in the heart of Hampshire.

Rockwater Cabin (3229)

A safe harbour perched on the cliff with the hypnotising hum of the sea to lull you to a gentle slumber. Go all nautical at Rockwater Cabin.

Panoramic views across the sea from this cabin make your stay here absolutely breath-taking.

Vida Floating Home (3690)

Float, float on and drift away - you literally are on the water in this floating home.

 Float away on the Vida house boat.


Browse the rest of our holiday cottages and start planning your break.

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