Devon Cottages

Most popular cottages in 2023

From romantic sea-view escapes to rural group-friendly havens, discover our most popular cottages in 2023 for some holiday inspiration.

Lucy Williamson

Guest Review: Duncombe, Teignmouth

A visit to Duncombe, a beautiful and eco-friendly Victorian villa in Teignmouth, close to South Devon's best places to visit.

Rosita Bunce

Guest Review: Kitley Close, Yealmpton

Our sales manager spent a fantastic weekend with family and friends at this gorgeous retreat in the Kitley Farm estate just outside of Yealmpton.

Joe Morgan

10 properties with unforgettable views

Whether you love dramatic sea views, rolling hills, romantic countryside scenes or riverside vignettes, each of these properties affords an amazing view.

Lynne James

Rural cottages near nature reserves

Escape to the country in these peaceful rural retreats that are near National Nature Reserves, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks.

Hannah Denby

Unusual holiday cottages

From a tin tabernacle to a Victorian-inspired lodge these are our unique holiday cottages with quirky interiors.

Kayleigh Hardy

Ten Cottages with Indoor Swimming Pools

Ten of our holiday cottages with indoor swimming pools for guests to use in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, perfect for holidays with family or friends.

Kayleigh Hardy