Take your time to adjust to the holiday clock. Don't rush it. Plan yourself a route of epic proportions and travel the coast roads to really explore. Take on the role of the Timeless Traveller.

The Dartmoor trainline

Discover the new railway line delivering people straight to the heart of north Dartmoor.

Philip Eley

UK Island hopping escapes in the South and West

Island hopping can be a beautifully British pastime. In this case, it’s all about the transport, as recommended by our staff, travelling on alternative modes of transport and escaping to an island in the South and West.

Katie Chown

An American in Cornwall: A Cornish bus ride

I read a good deal more books in a year than I previously thought possible. I did a lot of walking. I learned how to slow down and wait. I learned the hard way that buses in rural places don't stop unless you hail them.

Danielle Charles-Davies