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Why you should holiday in Eeyore's Cottage near Dartmouth

Even if you're not into the books, this cottage is a real delight, a place to stay that feels just right when you walk through the door. One of those places where you feel you could live quite happily, but must make do with holidaying here every now and then.

Eeyore's surrounding

When the sun shines, you sit on the terrace and listen to the birds sing. When the clouds cover the bright blue, wander little leafy lanes and listen to raindrops merging with the stream. It's a poetic place, and easy to fathom why the real-life Christopher Robin chose to make it his home. When you appreciate the place alongside the classic stories of Winnie the Pooh, there's a childlike magic in the air, no matter your age.

Even without the books, the cottage is bright and airy, furnished to a high standard (as you would expect from Classic) with white walls throughout that feel fresh rather than stark, thanks to the cosy arrangement of comfortable furniture and just the right balance of bits and bobs to make it feel homely.

Eeyore's Cottage

Tamason, the Travelling Book Junkie, stayed there this year. She loved it too, being 'a self-confessed, caffeine-fueled bookworm writing about all things literature-related'. She appreciated all the hard work owners Wendy and Stan had put into the place - they somehow managed to update the place beautifully, without betraying its origins, resulting in that captivating combination of modern traditional.

Go play Pooh Sticks with Tamason as she describes her visit to Eeyore's Cottage Dartmouth. Then maybe take a look-see at available dates for a visit of your own - it sleeps up to six people just a couple of miles outside of Dartmouth, South Devon...

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