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Most of us want to be green, be kinder to the environment and create less of a carbon footprint. And the same can be said for our holiday cottages owners with many going above and beyond to help make a difference.

As a result we wanted to both celebrate owners going the extra mile by creating a collection of eco-friendly homes as well as help new owners implement green practices with their property from the get go. So we created the Classic Green Scheme.

The Green Scheme identifies holiday cottages where additional steps have been taken towards these goals. Classic Green holiday cottages have achieved 20 (where possible) of the measures listed below.

* The six criteria that we consider essential are highlighted with a star.


  • Provide recycling facilities for all guests.*
  • Kitchen waste – provide and manage composting facilities.
  • Garden waste – compost and use peat-free products in any garden areas or flower baskets/boxes.


  • Provide and use only eco-friendly and responsibly purchased cleaning materials.*
  • Provide recycled paper goods (eg kitchen towel, toilet roll).*
  • Buy in bulk where possible (eg toilet rolls, liquid handsoap and washing up liquid to dispense into smaller containers weekly).
  • Provide locally produced items for the welcome tray.


  • Site water butts if appropriate and use for watering plants and gardens.
  • Fit low flush WCs or a mechanism to reduce flush volume and provide information on correct use.
  • Monitor water usage regularly to check for evidence of any leaks and rectify immediately.


  • Fit low energy light bulbs throughout. *
  • Fit (or replace with when due for replacement) appliances that carry the Energy Saving Trust Recommended Certification mark ie those that are A, A+ or A++ rated. *
  • Check roof insulation/draught proofing to ensure current standards met (270mm loft insulation).
  • Ensure additional blankets/throws etc are available for guests, particularly during winter months.
  • Where there is outside space, ensure a washing line is available where possible.
  • Monitor electricity usage and subscribe to a green energy tariff.
  • Commit to efficient heating system if not already installed eg replacing with more efficient boiler when necessary.

Social, Environment and Communication

  • Display details of the Classic Green Scheme requirements within the Cottage Information Folder.*
  • Ensure sufficient information on local public transport and car-free activities available in property.
  • Encourage native wildlife within grounds where possible eg bird boxes, bee shelters, wildlife habitats.