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Having a company culture that is pro green is one thing, but the people behind the company have a great and positive influence in other ways. Organising initiatives such as car share and cycle to work schemes certainly reduces our footprint. But the team here go a step further. We've been doing beach cleans since day dot, volunteer days and support a number of environmental charities. You can see who we work with on our Communities page here.

Although we are dedicated to caring for the environment as a company, we also understand that this ethos needs to be constantly challenged. Which is why we have two in-house teams committed to doing just that - looking to the future and making sure we're taking the right actions to protect our natural world as much as we can.




Sharing beautiful landscapes around the country and helping guests to enjoy exploring the British Isles is the core to our business. Our blogs suggest beaches, each property page suggests local walks and a large proportion of our property portfolio sits in rural or coastal locations.

Our own efforts as an agency can only ever be relatively modest because we do not own the properties in the places we cover. Our greatest impact is by helping and inspiring the owners in their environmental endeavours and that too for our guests, so they have the information they need to make sure they leave as smaller footprint as possible. To that end we have researched and produced a set of guides to help our owners and our guests. Check them out here:

Owner guide

Guest guide

If that is not enough, we have taken the best practices to making a holiday let more environmentally friendly, and created a collection. Check out our 'Eco cottages' here.



Again, as an agency we don't have a large environmental footprint. But the one we do have, in the way of an HQ, goes the extra mile to mitigate our impact. The main Head Office in Cornwall is a purpose built eco office. Completed in 2020, it is efficient and equipped with all the kit to keep our energy usage down. We're also surrounded by wild flower gardens which really come into their own in spring. 

When we consider the planet and our influence on it as a business, we make sure that anything we do create or produce is ethically sourced and produced. From the milk and fruit in the office being delivered by local farm shops through to the third party companies we collaborate with, we want to try and do the right thing when making business decisions day to day that make a difference to the bigger picture overall.