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Our offices have been thoroughly audited – within the confines of the conservation needs of a Grade II Listed Georgian town house – and we have done all we can to reduce energy usage and recycling is now second nature for everything from batteries to mobile phones and computers. Cars are significant polluters and we cover a lot of miles seeking out new cottages and keeping tabs on the existing ones. That requires a fleet that can handle the mileage, but we still manage to keep the emissions below 119 g/km. However careful we are, it is inevitable that we will have an impact and we offset this with donations to Cool Earth to help preserve the rainforests and a four year rolling programme of donations to The Woodland Trust to dedicate and protect an acre of woodland in each of the four counties in our territory.


Our own efforts can only ever be relatively modest because we do not own the properties we market. Our greatest impact is by helping and inspiring the Owners of over 1000 properties in their environmental endeavours. To that end we have researched and produced a 32 page guide for the Owners of holiday homes to help them decide where they want to be on the green spectrum.