Visitors' Book

A gallery for your holiday memories, if you'd like to submit them - who won the annual family beach championship? That time when the seagull stole your ice cream? Or just because you had a really good time. 
We'd love to hear about your stories from the South West so email us at and we'll share them for you.

Guest Review: Duncombe, Teignmouth

A visit to Duncombe, a beautiful and eco-friendly Victorian villa in Teignmouth, close to South Devon's best places to visit.

Rosita Bunce

Guest Review: Kitley Close, Yealmpton

Our sales manager spent a fantastic weekend with family and friends at this gorgeous retreat in the Kitley Farm estate just outside of Yealmpton.

Joe Morgan

How to Spot a Rip Current

It’s best to familiarise yourself with the dangers that come with swimming in the sea so that you can stay safe and happy - how to spot a rip current is important.

Lizzie Heather