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Dog walking on Bembridge Beach

Take a few hours out of your day to explore the joys of East Wight. Bembridge is the island’s furthest point east and a walk around the chalk ledge here will give your furry friend the chance to blow off some steam before heading back to your cosy dog friendly cottage.

Dog lovers are always struggling to find pet friendly beaches where they can share their love of the outdoors with their four legged friend. The Isle of Wight is incredibly pet friendly. There’s a huge focus on an outdoor lifestyle here and many restaurants and cafes welcome dogs into certain areas of their establishments. Bembridge itself is a lovely village with a popular local butcher and some excellent pubs and cafes to stop for a bite to eat. There are always people out walking dogs throughout the day so many of the businesses are very welcoming and accommodating to your furry friends.

Bembridge beach is especially exciting for dog owners as it is open to dogs all year round, a very rare beach to find. Set aside a couple of hours for a leisurely stroll along the coast and follow in our paw prints to see some beautiful natural landmarks and man made wonders along the way. 

Begin your walk at Tollgate cafe on the edge of Bembridge harbour. The harbour is home to a number of houseboats and various boats pass through here throughout the day. From here there’s a path to the beach. Even if the tide is high you’ll be able to walk by the sea but you’ll need some sturdy shoes as the sand turns to shingle closer to the cliffs. 

The boats in Bembridge harbour.

Head west around Bembridge point and out on to the miles of beach. As you meander along the sands you’ll be able to watch ships passing by on the Solent, you’ll eventually come across the lifeboat station which, if open, is always worth a visit. The huge form built out into the sea and accessed by a bridge offers some great views along the coastline so even if it's shut it's well worth walking down to. The waters here are covered by coastguards and lifeboats because of the traffic coming to and from the mainland. You might spot some action in the water on a busy day.

Just past the lifeboat station, you reach Bembridge Ledge. This huge chunk of chalk juts out into the sea and must be treated with care. The Ledge has a 30 foot drop. When the tide comes in and this is covered it can be especially hard to tell between the depths of the sea and the few inches that sit on top of the rock. It’s probably best to pop your pooch on the lead around here to keep everyone safe.

When the tide is out, the Ledge is a spectacular natural beauty. Reminiscent of the hunkering cliffs of Dover or even the Needles to the west of the island. Check tide times beforehand if you’d like to get a good look at this local landmark. By the ledge, you’ll find the Crab and Lobster, a great pub to grab a mid-afternoon pint and sit outside admiring the scenery or sit down for a cup of tea at the Beach Hut overlooking the Ledge, Culver Downs and the Channel.

The view across the channel from the Crab and Lobster in Bembridge.

Once you’ve passed around the headland, minding your step along the Ledge, you’ll come to Whitecliff Bay. A stretch of sand safe for a few more throws of the ball and maybe a quick dip in the ocean if your dog loves the water. The Wonky Cafe on the front at Whitecliff is famed for its breakfast menu, plus with the view of Culver cliff, the beach and Bembridge Ledge, you’ll want to stay here for as long as possible. 

At this point you can either head back inland and walk through Bembridge or along the coastal path or simply get back on to the sands and retrace your steps to Bembridge harbour.

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