Classic Cottages guest reviews

Your views are what count and we take great pride in the complimentary things that our guests say about our service and our portfolio. As the numbers speak for themselves, we've nothing to hide so here's the results from the past year to date - all our feedback is uncensored and straight from you.

50% Satisfactory
75% Good
100% Excellent
  • Location

  • Cleanliness

  • Comfort

  • Decoration and Equipment

  • Value for money

  • Property description

The figures used are based on the results of 15189 questionnaires over one year to date.

Before we add any cottage to our collection we spend a great deal of time assessing it and talking to the Owners. We also visit every cottage at least once a year, but the most important part of our quality control process is the questionnaires you return to us after your holiday. They are invaluable and really help us to stay one step ahead of your expectations. So, thank you.