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From the grand atmosphere of the Hall for Cornwall to the coastal delights of the Minack Theatre, Cornwall certainly enjoys its fair share of impressive backdrops when it comes to putting on a show. Making the most of the diverse and often totally wild locales is the eccentric and totally superb Miracle Theatre.

Taking Shakespeare’s line of “all the world’s a stage” to heart, Miracle Theatre tours the South West in the summer months putting on show after show on clifftops, beaches, and even beneath the impressive satellite dishes of Goonhilly, providing audiences with an ever-changing setting to their plays.

Excited to dive into the eclectic world of Miracle Theatre? Here’s everything you need to know about the Cornish theatre company…


About Miracle Theatre

Actress Rose McPhilemy aiming a prop rifle during an outdoor performance of The Cherry Orchard by Miracle Theatre

Bringing laughs, tears, and buckets of entertainment to the South West since 1979, Miracle Theatre offers offbeat performances that never fail to leave an impression. Throughout their time on and off the stage, Miracle Theatre has worked with countless amazing creatives with each new play bringing its own blend of wacky style into the light.

From adaptations to retellings and original works, each play put on by Miracle Theatre is different from the last, but this doesn’t mean they are totally isolated. Every production is centred around creating entertaining and accessible theatre that everyone can enjoy.

This simple goal is achieved with a witty and often playful use of language, visual appeal, and clever use of technology and sound. Miracle Theatre’s recent play Everyman was a fantastic example of this as it featured visual displays, live music, and an impressive, portable 360-degree set, the fleapit.

Other previous productions include the hilariously entertaining original play Starcrazy, a raucous retelling of Aladdin, and countless renditions of the works of William Shakespeare from The Tempest to Romeo and Juliet. They’ve even worked alongside English Heritage to create a selection of factual (and fun!) plays to perform in castles across the UK.


When and where to catch them

An outdoor performance of The Magnificent Three by Miracle Theatre at the Headland Hotel with Fistral beach in the background

When you’ve got a backdrop like Cornwall and outdoor theatre companies like Miracle Theatre, why would you ever need to head indoors to catch a play? From the ever-changing coastal scenes that play out their own easy-paced storylines, to the rolling countryside that tells tales of history, tradition, and nature, nothing beats the wilds of Cornwall for set dressing.

It, therefore, stands to reason that in the summer months, Miracle Theatre becomes immersed in their surroundings. While the locations for each show can change year to year, there are definitely some favourites you can expect to see on the line-up from the pretty setting of the Princess Pavilion in Falmouth to the wilds of Bodmin Moor and the sandy throws of Carlyon beach.

While in the summer you can pack a picnic, sunnies, and maybe even a raincoat, the winter months see Miracle Theatre returning to more traditional playhouses as they perform in everything from village halls to grand theatres.

Covering the South West, you can often see Miracle Theatre’s iconic pink van tootling along the A30 to bring their latest production to as many people across Cornwall, Devon, and Dorset as possible so always check out their tour dates to see where they’ll be appearing next.

Find out more about the wonderful outdoor theatres and theatre companies in Cornwall to make the most of the eclectic offering.


What to watch next

The cast of Miracle Theatre's Sleeping Beauty

Oh, how we love a Christmas special! This year, Miracle Theatre is spinning a new take on a favourite yarn with Sleeping Beauty, a classic that’s about to get a comical twist! 

Winding together tales of magic, princesses, and insomnia, Miracle’s newest Christmas show is set to delight dreamers of all ages, with plenty of laughs thrown in for good measure. You’ll be transported to a Cornwall Riviera Holiday camp in the late 1950s, the perfect setting for any beloved fairy tale. Will the princess escape the oncoming curse or is she doomed to spend the next 100 years enjoying the world’s longest power nap – only time will tell!

The raucous performance can be caught at the St Ives Guildhall or the Princess Pavilion in Falmouth during the festive period, with the last performance airing on Saturday the 31st of December in Falmouth. This is a totally family-friendly show so why not round up the whole Christmas clan for a fun-filled theatrical outing that’s sure to put a magical skip in your step.


Ready to venture into another world for an hour or two with Miracle Theatre? Catch them on tour while making the most of a lovely holiday cottage in the South West or here in Cornwall when they’re performing on their home turf.

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