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Coronavirus information and frequently asked questions

Update: 19th January 2021



We hope our most frequently asked questions will provide you with some clear answers relating to your upcoming holiday.


Can I still book a holiday?


Yes, you can! We are currently accepting bookings for holidays starting on or after 1st March. 




I am due to arrive on or before 26th February, what do I do?


Unfortunately, your holiday can no longer go ahead, so please do not travel. If your holiday is affected, we will be in contact with you with some options.



I am due to arrive after the 26th February, what do I do? 


As it stands, your holiday can still go ahead but we are aware this could change for those with more imminent bookings. We will continue to monitor the government guidelines and will contact you with any updates should your holiday become affected.



Can I cancel my holiday?


If you choose to cancel a holiday that falls outside of the restricted dates, normal cancellation terms would apply. 



Do you still have bookings in place during lockdown?


The vast majority of bookings have now been cancelled/moved. There are however certain exemptions where bookings can still be in place if there is a legitimate reason. See the government website for more information.



What extra precautions are you taking for my stay?


We have prepared a guide for you to read before your arrival. This includes information on the extra steps we have taken to make sure the property is ready for you and advice on how you can prepare for your holiday. To read our full guide, please click here.



If I do have insurance will I be covered still if I move my holiday dates? 


Please contact your insurance company. For those who have taken out insurance with Endsleigh, your cover will be extended to your new holiday dates. Please contact CEGA if you have any questions regarding insurance claims on 01202 038 946 or email 



Will the latest VAT reduction change the price of my holiday? 


Your booking price will not be amended in line with the recent change to VAT. This is because the advertised cost for your booking is a contractual agreement with the owner, regardless of any changes to the VAT rates.




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