The Story of Dolly Pentreath

Buried in a tiny Cornish cemetery above Mousehole, the last pure Cornish speaker. Or so the story goes...

Pub Philosophy Katie Chown

Cornish Smugglers' Stories

No Cornish history lesson would be done justice without attention being turned to smugglers. Whether they were liberators, criminals, pirates or local heroes, they covered the Cornish coastline with their illicit trade and made history through their dealings.

Stories & Characters Lizzie H

A Guide to Cornish Literature

From whimsical childhood classics to page-turning crime fiction and whole novels set in Cornwall, discover the land behind your favourite Cornish literature and writers.

Stories & Characters Abby D

Holiday Personalities

Who are you? More importantly, who are you going with? Have we got them all?

Stories & Characters Katie Chown

Who are you on holiday?

Take our quick, unscientific quiz on the 'Who's Who' of holiday personalities

Stories & Characters Katie Chown

Holiday Characters - The GODSEND

To help you form the perfect party and get a balance of personalities, we've drawn up a list of holiday archetypes.

Stories & Characters Peter Kirby

Holiday Characters - The PERFORMER

When several of these archetypes go away together, extraordinary things can happen, as many a circus can tell you.

Stories & Characters Peter Kirby

Holiday Characters - The SHERPA

This bloodhound can sniff out the best pub when you're walking over a moor in the mist and will always know the direction home.

Stories & Characters Peter Kirby

Holiday Characters - The LIGGER

The Ligger has one defining character - they're tight. Their mission on holiday is to pay for nothing.

Stories & Characters Peter Kirby