A holiday made for two

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A holiday made for two

Capturing the subtle moments between two people. Those little glances, the quiet times and a quick dance on the beach for no reason whatsoever. 

Written and created:January 2020


The concept

We wanted to capture all of the ingredients to a perfect weekend for two in the hope we could take you with us just for a few moments, to both prompt memories or inspire ideas for making new ones.

Time can often feel like it's speeding up and there's never quite enough of it! To create a short video with such a slow and peaceful pace felt wholly right for us. Isn't that what holidays are all about? 

It's almost got a sense of naughtiness about it. As though slipping off the radar for a few days and slowing down the pace is totally against the rules. This adds to that sense of romanticism too. It refines the focus beautifully on just one another. 

We really hope you enjoy watching it and thinking up your own little love story, not only for valentines but any time.


The script

"We left our worlds of working lunches and endless meetings in the rear-view mirror behind us with nothing but freedom and fun ahead."

"Though the air was crisp, the winter sun still somehow warmed us. The dancing helped too. We hit pause and took time for just the two of us."


The cameraman

Working with the local and very skilled cameraman, Jack Williams, has shown us the wonderful ways to sum up a Classic holiday in the magical medium of moving images! A format that's a great fit for us and we have the perfect cameraman/director for the job.

Here's a little insight into his workings and a few "behind the scenes" shots to paint the picture.

 "I'm a volunteer crew-member on the Falmouth lifeboat and all winter we've been training just off the shores of Lighthouse Beach (where most of the film was shot). Normally when we train it's pitch black brisk cold night. It made a wonderful change being there with the sun on my face and wearing normal clothes and not a drysuit!

I absolutely love The Roseland, where this film was shot. I live in Falmouth and can see it over the water from my balcony. Though it's only a couple of miles as the gull flies, it feels much less touched and shaped by human hands than the shores I live upon. It's a lot wilder than Falmouth in that way. It's wonderful spending time there. I wonder if Roselanders look wistfully over at us?"

St Anthony's Lighthouse in the background whilst Jack, Rich and Lydia shoot the video on the beach tucked around the corner, Lighthouse Beach.

St Anthony's Lighthouse in the background whilst Jack, Rich and Lydia shoot the video on the beach tucked around the corner, Lighthouse Beach.


The video location

The video was shot in two locations. The beautiful cottage featuring in both the main video and our short edits (which you'll find on our social channels) was Number Four in Portscatho

No guesses where the second key location is. The beach! The beautiful Lighthouse Beach is situated just around the corner of both St Mawes and Portscatho on the south coast of Cornwall. One of our favourite and now not-so-secret spots!

If you're looking for romantic breaks for two take a look at our collection of cottages across the UK or give us a call and we'd be happy to help you find the perfect place.

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