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Our chat with the old man in the corner of the pub revealed some interesting tales to tell. They include way markers and landscape definers and unusual shrubbery to look out for on your journey, plus other whimsical tales from Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset and Hampshire.

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Sand Summit 2011/12

How one long walk sparked a dream to collect an eggcup’s worth of every beach from Minehead to Swanage.

Stories & Characters Peter Kirby

Meet The Sand Extremists

Love it or hate it we have got quite a lot of it in the South West. Here is our take on sand.

Stories & Characters Peter Kirby

Cinema Paradiso

Don't bother climbing into the car to go to the cinema. On a warm balmy summer's evening why not just set yourself up in your garden.

Stories & Characters Peter Kirby

Classic Trunk no 1

Like squirrels, we love trees. So much so, we’re collecting them, and here’s the first in the series.

Stories & Characters Peter Kirby

Nature Fashion

As the multi-billion dollar fashion industry goes in search of its next big look, we simply venture into the woods and the wilderness to find out what’s really ‘in’.

Stories & Characters Peter Kirby

Take a Breather

Exactly what a holiday is for. And we believe the West Country is one of the best places to stop and take a breather, or experience a view that will take your breath away.

Stories & Characters Peter Kirby