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Our chat with the old man in the corner of the pub revealed some interesting tales to tell. They include way markers and landscape definers and unusual shrubbery to look out for on your journey, plus other whimsical tales from Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset and Hampshire.

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Classic Trunk no 2

Specimen #2 in a series of top trees, one of which could be yours*

Stories & Characters Katie Chown

Rubbish Beach Art

Clean up our beaches and create a gallery of artistic leftovers.

Stories & Characters Katie Chown

Holiday Personalities

Who are you? More importantly, who are you going with? Have we got them all?

Stories & Characters Katie Chown

Who are you on holiday?

Take our quick, unscientific quiz on the 'Who's Who' of holiday personalities

Stories & Characters Katie Chown

Holiday Characters - The GODSEND

To help you form the perfect party and get a balance of personalities, we've drawn up a list of holiday archetypes.

Stories & Characters Peter Kirby

Holiday Characters - The PERFORMER

When several of these archetypes go away together, extraordinary things can happen, as many a circus can tell you.

Stories & Characters Peter Kirby