GB Boardriders Young People’s Work Programme

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GB Boardriders Young People’s Work Programme

Today we have been host for the third time as an example for the GB Boardriders CIC ‘Shifting Horizons Young People’s Work Programme’.

 The scheme is part of ‘Surf to Success’, ‘A unique pioneering Intervention and Transition Programme which is changing the lives of chronically disadvantaged youngsters’.

The aim of the day is to give insight into the working world, what it is like to work in a business environment, and give background to how Classic Cottages became the successful company it is today – hopefully a story that inspires! The programme hopes to inspire young people ‘who are in danger of becoming NEETs [Not in Employment, Education or Training]’ so our MD and Chairman sat down and chatted about everything ‘Classic’ to give an idea of ‘behind the scenes’ on a working day. This was backed up by a tour of the workplace and meeting the staff.

The initial feedback was one of surprise at our setting – we are lucky enough to be based in a Georgian building bought by the Tregoning family many years ago, whereas other agencies are based in modern offices.

Thankfully, all the following feedback was positive, so we’ve made a good impression:

‘Very warm and welcoming with a nice atmosphere in a very large building.’
‘I was expecting an office environment with ‘blobs of depression’, people sat in cubicles not enjoying their jobs, and an air of boredom, so it was very different to my expectations’.
‘Your Brochure is very good with its presentation’.

These comments gave rise to further discussion about modern workplaces, and the benefits of businesses providing a positive working environment. Plus, we love the evocative antonym for us, ‘blobs of depression’ – very descriptive!

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