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World of Work

The day a group of Cornish teenagers experienced what we do for a living.

News & Offers Katie Chown

Tamar Bridge 50th Anniversary

Linking Devon and Cornwall, this feat of engineering makes it an easier journey when coming on holiday in Cornwall!

News & Offers Katie Chown

Firework celebrations 2011

Bonfires, sparklers, marshmallows on sticks. It only happens once a year so go to as many as you can!

News & Offers Katie Chown

2011 International Guitar Festival in Cornwall

Some of the best in acoustic world music culture comes to Cornwall this October with the Third Tolmen International Guitar Festival being held in Constantine near Falmouth.

News & Offers Katie Chown

Dog friendly in Cornwall

Beaches galore around Cornwall means it is handy to know which ones are available to take your doggy on once the peak season bans are lifted at the end of September.

News & Offers Katie Chown