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Favourite places to eat in Salisbury

When you head west for a holiday, you'll inevitably pass close by to this beautiful city so perhaps take the time to break up the journey to stop off and explore. Or, if you’re on holiday in Dorset but fancy travelling a little further afield for a day trip, Salisbury is a beautiful and cultural city with amazing places for dinner and drinks. You'll end up staying late, so even though you've eaten out for lunch, round the day off with an evening meal. Because there is so much choice, I’ve compiled a list of my top places to dine out in the city, but remember to book a table for evening meals because they tend to be busy all year round.

Wild Wood

Situated at the top left corner of the Market Square in the town centre, the well-crafted menu offers a wide grill selection and has something for everyone, whatever your favourite dish might be. They serve classic pizzas, pasta dishes, salads and risottos, to name but a few. If you’re dining as a family with young children then there is also a kids menu available, tailored just for them. For a little bit of comfort food with amazing flavour, my meal of choice is their baked chicken and mushroom penne pasta, which is topped with melted cheese. Wash this down with some of their in-house lemonade, which tastes incredible and the mint version of which is like a non-alcoholic mojito. The chain aims to bring back original architectural features to their restaurants in order to relive the former glory of the buildings they occupy. Wild Wood Salisbury has therefore restored the stunning tiles in the old Sainsburys grocery which dates back to the early 20th Century, so that they are now a central feature in the restaurant. A nice touch.

The Cosy Club

Next up on my list is the Cosy Club, where the atmosphere is just as stunning as the food. The aptly-named hang out has a funky bar area where you can enjoy one of their many cocktails whilst playing a traditional board game, which will definitely work up an appetite for one of their signature dishes. The Grade II Listed former arts college has a secluded terrace for dining, as well as an airy first floor dining room if you want somewhere less mood-lit for eating. Their burgers are definitely the top pick for dinner and you’ll be spoilt for choice with the range on offer, from The Brigadier, to The Colonel and The Major General. You probably won’t have any room left for dessert, but definitely get a mixture of their tapas sharer starters for the whole table which will start the meal off nicely. 

Cafe Diwali

Cafe Diwali is just off of the main high street and is therefore perhaps a little overlooked compared to the places I have already mentioned. For an intimate dining experience that might be part of a romantic getaway, celebrating a special occasion, or simply an excuse to have an evening away from the children, it is one of the most relaxing places to eat in the city. It is a popular place for group dining, so make sure you ring ahead to book you and your significant other a cosy corner table for two. Indian street food and craft beers are the speciality and you won’t get a more authentic Indian taste anywhere else in Salisbury, so be sure to be adventurous when making your order and try something a little different. The prices are a little higher than other Indian restaurants, but you definitely won’t be disappointed by the flavour or portion sizes.

The Boston Tea Party

Last on my list is my favourite place to eat in Salisbury; The Boston Tea Party, situated in the main high street and perfect for a leisurely lunch. Their motto is ‘to serve good things in great spaces that nourish the body and warm the heart’, so you can be sure to get something which is not only great tasting, but is also good for you. The building is an old Tudor one, and so upstairs you have the choice of sitting in the old great hall, adorned with beautiful wooden beams, or choose one of the slightly smaller and more intimate side rooms, decorated with beautiful wooden panels. My go-to on the menu is always a reliable toastie, though all of theirs are twists on the classics and so you’ll end up with something a little different even if you stick to what you know. They have an amazing range of tea and cakes as well, so if you haven’t got anywhere else to go, make an afternoon of it, watch the world go by and sample as many as possible.

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