Farm shops

If you want to really experience the full flavour of a county, a visit to a local farm shop is a must. From freshly made bread and jam-packed shelves (literally) to veg pulled right from the surrounding fields, stock up on tasty treats for your next adventure and home from home.

Best farm shops in Sussex

Put the cherry on top of your holiday by visiting one of Sussex’s best farm shops for exceptionally good local food and drink.

Stef Parr

Best farm shops in Yorkshire

Whether you’re picnicking, barbequing, or cooking up a storm in your holiday kitchen, head to one of Yorkshire's fabulous farm shops for the finest produce.

Stef Parr

Best farm shops in Somerset

If you want to stock up on lots of treats when on holiday, Somerset boasts a huge selection of farm shops that make it easy and delicious to shop local!

Stef Parr

Best farm shops in Devon

Making the most of the county’s epic natural larder, these farm shops in Devon are sure to fill your cupboards with something special.

Philip Eley

Best farm shops in the Cotswolds

Here's our round-up of the best farm shops in the Cotswolds, some of which boast tasty cafes, local butchers, and even cookery schools!

Jessie Moore

Farm shops on the Isle of Wight

Take a whistle stop tour of the island, popping into our favourite farm shops to give you the inside story of where to pick up the best island goods.

Liz Arnell

Best farm shops in Cornwall

If you’d like to stock up on some of the best Cornish produce for your holiday, there’s no better place than a local farm shop. Here are our top suggestions.

Abby Driver