Website Help

Unfortunately, not all browsers interpret the HTML specification in the same way and this can make it difficult to produce a site that works well on all of them. A further complication is the fact that different platforms (such as PC and Mac) will also affect the way a page is displayed. We have tried to create a site that looks great for the majority and degrades gracefully for older or less common browsers. If you are experiencing problems we would be grateful if you would contact us so that we can iron them out.

We also welcome your comments on the design, navigation, ease of use, and any additional features you would like to see.


We use cookies, small files stored within your browser directory, for your shortlist as described below. These files take up very little space and do not compromise your security in any way so we do recommend that you leave cookies enabled in your browser preferences.

Java Script

JavaScript should be enabled in your browser preferences.

Browser Version

For security and reliability we would strongly recommend that you use the latest version of your prefered Web browser.


When viewing property descriptions you will find the facility to add, view or remove properties on a shortlist which is stored on your computer.

If you receive the message that your shortlist is empty it could be because you have not previously added any properties to your shortlist for that year, or you have removed them all.

Your shortlist for any given year will be automatically deleted at the end of that year.

Do remember that your shortlist is saved on the computer you use to view our website and will not appear if you subsequently access our site from another computer.

Security Certificates

We use an Extended Validation (EV) Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate from Verisign to encrypt the transmission of sensitive data and to demonstrate that Classic Cottages have been authenticated according to the most rigorous industry standard.

For more information about Extended Validation SSL please visit the Verisign FAQ site.