Review Guidelines

Good or bad, we publish all the reviews left by the guests who have stayed in our cottages, with the few exceptions stated below.

We try to be very honest and transparent with the reviews that we publish and all reviews received, including criticisms, are shown on our site. However, there are certain reviews we won’t publish, particularly if they fall within the following categories:

  • Rude or containing bad language
  • Factually inaccurate or presenting a distorted view of the situation
  • Reporting on an active complaint or problem which is in the process of being resolved
  • Speculating on a non-existent set of circumstances
  • Illegible or incoherent
  • Submitted by a guest who hasn't stayed at the property
  • Submitted by a guest who asks to be kept anonymous, or for their comments not to be made public

We reserve the right to temporarily remove a review whilst in moderation when a comment or complaint is being fully investigated. All reviews are submitted by real customers who have stayed at our properties, and their names and holiday dates will be shown.