The Owls House

2060 is no longer with us

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The Owls House is so-called after the novel written in Lamorna Cove by Crosbie Garstin. This semi-detached single-storey property is ideal for guests with limited mobility, and has a lovely garden leading to a shared play-area. Set near Lamorna Cove, it has amazing distant sea views - the perfect backdrop for a garden picnic. The huge open plan living-room has solid oak floors, and the whole property has been furnished to a very high standard. Set around a communal courtyard, The Owls House, [The Top Shelter (3257)]( "Classic Cottages") and [Knights Cottage (2398)]( "Classic Cottages") have south-facing terraces, with [Munnings Studio (2510)]( "Classic Cottages"), being the smaller of the barns.