Stupendous Sanger's in all it's glory!
Step up into your wonderful retreat.
The inside of Sanger's Showman's Wagon is just magical.
The wood-burner will keep you toasty all year-round.
The sun streams through the window into the beautiful bedroom.
Looking through into the pretty bedroom.
The are delightful details everywhere you look.
The bedroom is accessed via the living-room.
Vintage china adorns the cupboards.
The gorgeous living-room is complete with comfy dining-area.
Sanger's has been lovingly and painstakingly refurbished.
Take time out for a biscuit...or two!
Not forgetting that all-important cuppa.
The gorgeous living-room is surprisingly spacious.
There are stunning touches throughout this wonderful wagon.
Large windows and mirrors add light to the room.
Showman's Wagons were once known as 'Palaces on Wheels' and you can really see why.
The bedroom is just beautiful.
Sanger's has been exquisitely hand-painted throughout by the owners.
A comfy bed to return to after a day of exploring.
The beautiful paintings on the ceilings.
Looking through from the bedroom to the living-room.
Lovely details throughout.
It's not just the inside of Sanger's that is super special.
Old coaching lamps light the steps and entrance.
Sanger's has been brought back to life by its owners.
Gold detailing on the scrolls.
The hand-painted detailing really shows the love and care that has gone into this wonderful wagon.
Sanger's has the bonus of being outside but also undercover.
This delightful owl greets you at the parking-area.
The cabin which is just across from Sangers is double glazed, insulated and has full plumbing and electricity.
The kitchen and dining area of the cabin where modern facilities mix with lovely antique finds.
The en suite shower-room in the cabin is surprisingly spacious.
In the cabin, a beautiful late Victorian wash stand has been updated with a contemporary basin and hot and cold running water.
Ahh...the luxury of a good-sized shower!
There are lovely little touches everywhere you look.
Lovingly collected vintage bits and bobs.
Meet Halcyon and Hobson, the Exmoor ponies who also share this tree-lined meadow.
Your neigh-bours!
The gorgeous countryside view from Sangers.
Take in the stunning sunsets here.

Sanger's Showman's Wagon


5.3 miles NW of Looe / Sleeps 2 (no children under 16)

7 Nights from £333 - £672

Sanger's Showman's Wagon is new to our collection, we are currently waiting for the first review.