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Glamping North Devon

If you can't decide whether to rough it under the stars, or stay in the lap of luxury, then glamping in North Devon is for you.

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Experience the beauty of the great outdoors in North Devon, then settle in for the night in comfort. Curl up on a comfy bed and snuggle under lovely linens, secure in the knowledge that running water, hot shower, fridge, electric point and WC are at your fingertips.


We can all remember camping holidays as kids, giving us the freedom to roam and explore like never before during the day, then sitting around the fire toasting marshmallows and trying to catch a falling star at night. It was never boring and was part of what made us who we are. We have somehow forgotten the uncomfortable nights in sleeping bags on the thinnest of plastic mats, the cramped conditions and those late night walks in the rain to find the shower block! Glamorous camping is changing all of this, providing a memorable holiday with an authentic experience, but without the hassle. Our glamping locations are equipped to the highest standard including a personal shower and WC, this is luxury camping at its best. We currently have 0 glamping sites perfect for luxury camping in North Devon. View our dedicated Glamping website.

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