How a holiday booking works


As a property owner, you might be wondering…

So how does it all work? What’s the day-to-day process involved in taking a booking for a holiday cottage?

Here’s a behind the scenes breakdown of the journey of a booking.





A booking is taken either on-line or by the Sales Team.

A deposit is paid by the customer, which equates to one third of the cost of the holiday. Your portion of this will be paid into your bank account on the 10th of the month following receipt. Our cancellation policy guarantees you get paid if the booking subsequently cancels.

A booking confirmation is sent to the guest and all information is also available to the guest via their on-line account.

Email notifications are sent to the Owner and Housekeeper and all information is available via their on-line account.

Balance payment is received from the guest eight weeks prior to their holiday, and payment is made to the Owner on the 10th of the month following the date of the holiday.

The Owner website is updated with all information in ‘live’ time – availability, bookings, monies due and questionnaire feedback.

Route directions and receipt are sent to the guest via email and post.

The guest arrives on holiday.

We are on call 24/7 for support and advice.

A questionnaire is sent to the guest post-holiday, and once completed it will appear live on the Owner website – any queries arising from this will automatically be picked up and dealt with by our Customer Service team.


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