Somerset Walks and Unusual Discoveries

Walking along and picking out the pieces that catch my eye has become a ritual. Imagining where they came from, who used them and why they were cast out is addictive and helps paint vivid pictures of times gone by.

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A trip back in time at Tyneham

The reassuring flutter of the green flag announces that the road is open (and free from military practice) to wind down the Dorset valley into the lost village of Tyneham. The village appears casually into view and it is only up close that you realise the eeriness of this place.

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Nostalgia is enchanting, especially when it comes to travel.

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Guess where?

Has this changed much from the late 80s?

Stories & Characters Katie Chown

Plymouth a la 1989

The 80s are known for their fashion mishaps...

Stories & Characters Katie Chown

Nostalgia from 1978

A few 'catalogue poses' from the Mundy family around the Lizard.

Stories & Characters Katie Chown