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The Blue Pool

The Blue Pool of Dorset advertises itself as ‘Home to the Wareham Bears.’

On the journey over we’d been winding up my children that this meant that there were real bears roaming in the woods. As we arrived they leapt out of the car ready to go on a bear hunt. Children don’t have to pay while adults have to pay a small charge. My children love a good woodland walk and the Blue pool is exceptionally beautiful and full of exciting places for children to explore.

Each one of my children was given three sheets of paper as we entered. One was to mark off fairy doors as they found them, one was to count small plastic squirrels in the treetops and a third was for spotting Easter eggs. Now my children love a trail as much as the next but they were completely overwhelmed by the complication of three simultaneous trails! They were so busy juggling papers and pencils that they were in danger of missing out on relaxing and having fun in such a glorious setting. Eventually I persuaded them that the certificate they’d been promised for completing the trails wasn’t worth the effort. I’m glad I did because as soon as they’d put the pencils away they relaxed into the magnificent walk.

After a couple of corners we were rewarded with a view of the extraordinary pool where water has collected in a deep clay pit. Fine clay particles in the water catch the light in various ways, and paint the pool a whole palette of colours from blues to greens through teals and aquamarines. On the day we arrived we all had a go at describing the colour; I suggested petrol, my wife went for azure, my eight year old suggested sapphire, and my six year old cleverly suggested Iris which is her name. My boy suggested red but he’s only three and he was probably just pretending!

At one point on the walk we found an area with natural sand slides for the children (and me) to slide down. After a great time exploring the woods and lake we eventually came to three large play areas. After an extensive play and a picnic we continued to the end where some small huts claim to be a museum, and some other huts claim to be the home of the Wareham Bears. If you keep your expectation of these areas very low then they are worth a glance!

My family actually loved The Blue Pool as a day out and would recommend it to anyone but it is one of those places which is in danger of keeping children so busy with distractions that they miss out on the heartbeat of the experience. Having said that I would definitely go back and have another look at beautiful pool. I’ve been reading up on names for blue and now I’m thinking it was more Phthalo, Cobalt or Zaffre...

Sand slidesBlue Pool

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