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Guest experience: The Aga cat at Aveton

Owner of Aveton, Helen Billington, shared this lovely story about 'Partridge the Aga Lout'...

Partridge is a BIG black and white cat, the resident cat at Aveton. He’s not our pet. He just turned up one day after we had started having guests. That he just appeared is quite surprising as Aveton is a farm on its own away from other properties and a long way off the road.

Partridge in his favourite spotInitially he just meowed from the bushes and slept in the long grass but eventually he approached us. His coat was coarse and he’d obviously been living rough for some time but his behaviour, manners and gentleness were those of a cat that had been cuddled and lived indoors. With time he inveigled himself and eventually a cat flap was installed – lockable if he is not welcome (then he sleeps quite happily in the straw barn up with the cows) but open for those who enjoy his companionship.

For the most part guests love him and he rewards them with warm laps, purrs and dribbles of contentment and a soft coat to stroke, refined through his new found inside/outside existence. 
He is not totally soft though, and serves an important purpose on the farm keeping the rats, rabbits and pigeons under control. We have feared this aspect of country life on a working farm may be a step too far but actually people do enjoy watching him hunt.

He’s been called an honorary family member and has earned the nickname ‘Aga Lout’ as he does his best to keep the farmhouse Aga warm. Children have left cards for Partridge and there are cartoons and comments aplenty in the Visitors’ Book:

Partridge the Aga Lout by Rowland

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