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Guest experience: Praa Sands Sandcastle Challenge

Annette emailed in to thank us for her Classic Calendar and attached some pics of her family holiday to Praa Sands - we had to know more about the 'fixed' sandcastle challenge...

Here’s my e-card to you… my family and I had a Sandcastle Challenge on Praa Sands Beach in July this year and we had a fantastic time.  My Brother and his wife (who live in Praa Sands) won the Challenge but I think they should be disqualified because they have an unfair advantage  - they can practise their sandcastle building skills any time of the year!

We stayed at Camellia Cottage, St Hilary and this is my brother and his wife being given their prizes by the judge (their daughter Mrs Sarah Dennett) - it’s a FIX!

The presentation

Not the winnerA little help...


This not the winning sandcastle.


The final photo shows the Sandcastle Challengers with their consolation prizes… a blankety-blank notebook and pen!  (That’s me second from the right.)

Runners up

Annette and her family adventure took place on Praa Sands beach, far west Cornwall, but there are hundreds of miles of sandy shores all around the West Country to host your own tournament - find a holiday cottage near a sandy beach

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