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Top 5 reasons to plan a winter staycation

Summer holidays in the UK are a must for every British holiday maker at some point in their lives but a winter holiday can bring just as much joy. There might be less swimming in the sea or shorter walks in the sunshine but winter breaks offer some totally different benefits to a holiday at any other time of the year.

Winter holidays fall at the right time for those looking to take a real break away from the crowds. Sometimes we all need time away from others. If you work with people, commute through crowds or constantly have to talk to the public, a secluded holiday in November or December can give you a little rest away from everyone at the end of the year. Plus, getting away now means you can feel refreshed in time for Christmas and New Year.

This year take a winter staycation for these five reasons:

1. Refresh and renew after a busy year

You might find yourself feeling a little tired at the moment. Why hang on until Christmas to snatch the break you deserve? Take the time to relax now and you’ll find yourself feeling refreshed and ready for the ultimate family occasion, including organising all of your Christmas plans.

Relax and catch up on your favourite books, magazines and tv shows.

2. Christmas preparations in style

If you love the festive season, now is prime opportunity to start preparing. Get away to your favourite place, visit the Christmas markets, shop ‘til you drop and start gathering together beautiful gifts for your favourite people.

Plan and prepare for Christmas with festive fun at markets and fairs.

3. See gorgeous landscapes in a new light

If you only visit the South and West in the summer, you’ll be surprised at how much the landscapes change with the seasons. Tropical-looking beaches become dramatic coastlines and rolling green hills turn into autumnal havens calling out for long walks through orange leaves.

A stunning winter sunset from Boscastle in Cornwall.

4. Enjoy feasts of your favourite food

Our kitchens are fully equipped to handle Sunday roasts, home-cooked feasts and even baking. All you need to do is gather the ingredients and maybe a couple of cutters. Why not have a go at making a classic scone? Then all that’s left to do is argue about which way you have your jam and cream (the Cornish way for me).

Feat with friends on your winter holiday.

5. Get cosy in your own home-from-home

If colder weather keeps you indoors, enjoy your own luxury holiday home. Each of our properties has everything you need to cook and relax without having to leave. So make the most of your favourite place and spend a day reading, cooking, cuddling and relaxing with your family or friends.

Get cosy by the roaring fire.

Get your skates on, our holiday cottages are filling up fast for winter.

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