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Summer theatre in Cornwall

With so many beautiful places to perform, it’s no wonder Cornwall has some of the best theatre productions on offer in the summer months.

From clifftop theatre productions to magical walking performances in the woods, Cornwall’s creatives are amazing at using the landscape as a backdrop to some of the world’s most well known stories and some original Cornish tales. Throughout the summer, the most beautiful locations become home to Cornish theatre companies, some of which have travelled the world yet still return to the wild countryside of Cornwall.


Here’s what I think you definitely need to see this summer.

WildWorks - 100: Unearth

Following last year’s amazing sell out season of Wolf’s Child at the Trelowarren estate, WildWorks have relocated to the Lost Gardens of Heligan for 100: Unearth. The large-scale outdoor performance takes inspiration from the story of Orpheus and Eurydyce and the real-life stories of those who returned home from the First World War 100 years ago. Heligan is an enchanting and sometimes eerie setting for a play that takes you to the depths of the underworld and back again.


Photo credit: Steve Tanner


Miracle Theatre – The Cherry Orchard

Performing not just in Cornwall but across the South and West in July and August, Miracle bring Chekhov’s bittersweet comedy to life. A story of a wealthy family gone bankrupt, self-absorbed and obstinate. Will it take a revolution to destroy their world of privilege and entitlement or will their stupidity do that for them? Almost a century after The Cherry Orchard was written it continues to enthral audiences the world over, and this adaptation is no exception.


Kneehigh – The Asylum

This festival of pandemonium returns from 2nd August to 22nd September. The Asylum brings world-class theatre and live music to Cornwall at the Lost Gardens of Heligan. With three shows on offer, there’s something for everyone at this brilliant spectacle of theatre, all inside a big-top tent.


 Photo Credit: Steve Tanner


Rogue Theatre – Wild and Firebird

Rogue Theatre bring two productions to the winding pathways of Tehidy Woods. Follow the characters through the trees, along the Cornish clifftops, to discover the magic that awaits in the depths of west Cornwall’s woodland. Two very different stories told in the same setting, both Wild and Firebird will whisk you away to another world.


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