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Packing hacks 101

Hack (verb): a little trick or skill, shortcut or novelty method that makes holiday prep just a little bit easier.

Packing hack (verb): as above, but to help with wedging more stuff into less space.


+ Fold your underwear nice
   and tiny before stuffing it
   in the ends of your shoes.
   Remove before wearing either.

Packing a suitcase

+ Use a pencil case or sunglasses
   case to store cables and little
   bits that'll get lost if you
   chuck them in your handbag
   or manbag.

Scrabble mess

+ A Tupperware cereal dispenser
   makes a great in-car bin with a
   secure lid.

Bed packing flop

+ Use a sock to fold a T-shirt.
   Yes, really. Fold the arms of
   the T-shirt to overlap into
   the middle, creating a long 
   rectangle. Lay a sock toe side
   in, where the arms should be.
   Roll from the neck down to
   create a T-shirt/sock 'cracker'.
   Fold the socks inside-out, 
   encapsulating the T-shirt
   inside. Genius!

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