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Holiday food hacks 101

Hack (verb): a little trick or skill, shortcut or novelty method that makes holiday prep just a little bit easier.

So-you-won't-go-hungry hack (verb): as above, but with food.


+ Cook a big tray of dinner and freeze it. It'll defrost nicely
   on the journey down, ready for an easy feast on the first night.

 Eat outside with holiday hacks

+ Stick sticks through the lids of yoghurt pots and freeze. The simple
   ideas are the best.

 Picnic hacks

+ Surprise everyone on a mid-journey layby stop with personalised
   picnics-in-jars - one screw-topped jar per person stuffed with their
   fave munchy bits will enthrall the grumpiest of travellers.

 Group eating hacks

+ Mini boxes of cereal can have their sides snipped to make a makeshift
   bowl before adding a drop of milk to the bag. Fun and practical.

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