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Dr Livingstone by Miracle Theatre

Photo credits: Kirstin Prisk

'A Magnificent Melange of Musicality & Melodrama'

So says the programme. The only thing I know to expect from a Miracle Theatre performance is to expect the unexpected. Already, the cast were milling in the aisles, letting us know that they were just waiting for Mrs Partidge who was off buying a goose - was this part of the performance? So immersed in their characters are they, it's hard to tell where they end and the actors begin. 

They played their instruments whilst the ever-enigmatic Ben Dyson pranced around worriedly. As the founder of the Ffitch Repertory Players, Mr Julius Stentorian Ffitch was responsible for introducing the audience to each of the scenes played out by his troupe of theatrical thespians. A story within a story, 'Dr Livingstone, I presume?' is about a Victorian theatre company putting on a series of performances documenting Dr Livingstone's intrepid explorations of Africa. But Miracle, of course, twist it here and there with slights of story and audience interactions that make everyone feel part of the show...Was that improv? Who knows, but I very much enjoyed it.

Fun and frivolity with Miracle Theatre, photo by Kirstin Prisk

True to Miracle style, the whole audience had their ribs tickled to the extreme, the couple sat behind me so enamoured they had resorted to snorts as they gasped for breath, tears streaming down their faces. It was indeed an evening of fantastical frivolity and hilarity - we may be slightly biased as we sponsor their winter tour, but we wouldn't put our money to it if we weren't thoroughly satisfied with the result. And oh we are.

Take a look and see when they're touring near you in the South West

Many a costume change, photo by Kirstin Prisk

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