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Beach hacks 101

Hack (verb): a little trick or skill, shortcut or novelty method that makes holiday prep just a little bit easier.

Beach hack (verb): as above, but to help with sandy woes and wet toes.


+ Avoid wetsuit woes by putting plastic bags
   on your feet. 
   No we’re not just trying to make you look silly,
   your feet will glide through like 
   wet seals.

Beach sundown


+ Recycle plastic tubs – the ice cream variety
    works well as you are forced to eat lots of ice cream
    beforehand, but save anything you can from
    landfill for an afternoon of marine exploration.
    Cut the bottom out, stretch cling film and hold in
    place with an elastic band. Flip it over and
    hold it in the water to make an
    awesome rockpool viewer.

Portreath beach


+ Take a Tubtrug. They sit well in the boot
    of the car, ready for carting stuff down to the sea,
    make great changing rooms to stand in
    and avoid the sand,
    then hold all the wet stuff safely on
    the way home.

Dune surfing


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