Spontaneous short breaks in Somerset

When did you last do something impromptu? Sometimes, being spontaneous is exactly what you need - and Somerset offers the perfect playground.

Things to do Anna H

Yoga at Lanyon Quoit

Driving along yet more winding, narrow hedged roads the landscape was familiar with far reaching views over fields sectioned with stone walls and gorse hedges. An earlier signpost had indicated ‘Lanyon Quoit’ was along here somewhere, but what was a ‘lanyon’? Or a ‘quoit’ for that matter.

Pub Philosophy Katie Chown

Strange Stone Circles in the South West

Grateful for the strength of denim on my legs, we parted the brambles and were swallowed into the greenery. Flip-flops were a poor choice in the morning dew with nettles and grass snakes threatening, but melodrama was short lived as we emerged into a more open area.

Pub Philosophy Katie Chown

Textures and Toes

Close your eyes and think back to your childhood... Do you remember the lazy barefoot days of summer?

Pub Philosophy Katie Chown

A Barefoot Pub Philosophy in the Blue

In the summer of 2013, we walked up the road to our local, to see where the stories would take us and whether we knew as much about the area as we think we do.

Pub Philosophy Katie Chown

Holiday Personalities

Who are you? More importantly, who are you going with? Have we got them all?

Stories & Characters Katie Chown

Who are you on holiday?

Take our quick, unscientific quiz on the 'Who's Who' of holiday personalities

Stories & Characters Katie Chown

Holiday Characters - The GODSEND

To help you form the perfect party and get a balance of personalities, we've drawn up a list of holiday archetypes.

Stories & Characters Peter Kirby

Holiday Characters - The PERFORMER

When several of these archetypes go away together, extraordinary things can happen, as many a circus can tell you.

Stories & Characters Peter Kirby

Holiday Characters - The SHERPA

This bloodhound can sniff out the best pub when you're walking over a moor in the mist and will always know the direction home.

Stories & Characters Peter Kirby

Holiday Characters - The LIGGER

The Ligger has one defining character - they're tight. Their mission on holiday is to pay for nothing.

Stories & Characters Peter Kirby


Nostalgia is enchanting, especially when it comes to travel.

Stories & Characters Katie Chown

Nature Fashion

As the multi-billion dollar fashion industry goes in search of its next big look, we simply venture into the woods and the wilderness to find out what’s really ‘in’.

Stories & Characters Peter Kirby