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Tom's Pies in south Devon

At the beginning of each section of our brochure, we’ve talked to people who live and breathe the area they live in, bringing together a few like-minded pioneers who follow a similar ethos and encapsulate a little bit of where they live. You see it’s more than just the place where you lay your head for the night. We want you to fully immerse yourself in what the South West is all about, see the sights, hear the sounds and fall in love with the local way of life.


And so we introduce...

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Born and bred on Dartmoor’s doorstep, Tom Cull is a true Devon boy who went travelling around the Caribbean when he was younger and came home to make pies. His travels inspired his love of food, so he converted an  old barn on the family’s organic farm into a kitchen and decided to take on the pasty by making Devon famous for his pies. 

‘I was raised, inspired and guided in a cooking environment and enjoy passing my engrained ethos of home-grown, seasonal produce on to my young family. I have a firm belief in using responsibly sourced British ingredients, as local as possible, which is reflected in my insistence on sourcing only the best produce for all my food production. We have such great local produce in the region and I am lucky to have access to the best, direct from the supplier.

We’re in an idyllic setting on the outskirts of Exeter - a fabulous city with lots to offer but the best thing about it is probably its proximity to open space. Travel in any direction and in not much more than ten minutes you can be on Dartmoor, walking in beautiful countryside. It is also very easy to get to the sea for the South Devon coastline. But whichever direction you go, the local produce is incredible. People’s tastes and expectations of food have changed and are still changing. They are more aware of what is available and definitely more aware of where their food comes from. 

People like to know that their food is locally and ethically sourced, that it hasn’t clocked up many food miles and is seasonal. My pies reflect that with a passion for the right produce.’ 

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So forget the Cornish pasty for now, it's all about the Devon pie. Tom's packed a bunch of Devonshire tastiness into each pastry parcel with a respect for his locale that'd bring a tear to our eye if we were the emotional type. This local lad did good and if you'd like to taste just how good, head over to Tom's Pies to see some of his offerings.

Come stay in south Devon and take in some of the scenery that makes Tom's Pies so good.


Tom Cull


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