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The Cornish Food Box Company

Borne out of a desire to run their own business and do something good for the county they were born and brought up in, The Cornish Food Box Company is the brainchild of sisters Tor and Lucy.

Set up six years ago around Tor’s kitchen table, the business makes it really easy for people to buy local food and have it delivered to their door. Today they deliver all over the UK.

"Lucy is an amazing baker so we initially thought of delivering bread around Truro on a Sunday morning", explained Tor, who had recently returned from a decade running her own business in Indonesia.

"Then we thought why not deliver breakfast? If you are delivering the bread, why not the butter, eggs and bacon? And that’s how the business was started. We always knew we wanted to sell only Cornish food – that way we knew exactly where it had come from. We had no experience, a tiny shop and delivered out of the back of my car – often with the kids in the back as well!"

Today The Cornish Food Box Company has grown into the area’s leading retailer of local food. They employ 12 people, have a huge Truro shop and cafe and deliver food across the UK. 

They specialise in fresh, seasonal Cornish food and drink; and sell everything from fresh lobster and seafood, to the latest craft gins as well as seasonal vegetables, free range meat, bread, cheese and so much more.

Cornish food awards

 The Cornish Food Box Company is completely unique in the UK. No other company only sells food from a specific geographical area, and it's a plan the girls want to roll out in other areas.

Tor added: "As long as we know it’s fresh and delicious, we sell it. We sell food that comes from real people, people who care about what they are doing and food that the customer can truly trust."

Growing up on the family dairy farm just outside Porthleven in West Cornwall meant the sisters had a pretty idyllic childhood, although their father had to stop farming when it became clear there was no future for small family dairy farms in the 1980’s.

"Most of the family farms of our childhood have gone now. It just wasn’t possible to make the business work so lots of them are part of bigger farmers, or holiday cottages.” said Lucy, who had been running a marine research station off the East African coast before she returned home to Cornwall to start the business."

"The Cornish Food Box Company is really a desire to see small food businesses flourish by working together. We believe it’s better to support each other and keep more of our money locally. The rural economy is the backbone of Cornwall and the more sustainable the businesses, the better the jobs and greater our community. It’s a virtuous circle and we’re really proud of the part we play in that."

"We are now looking to expand what we do to other areas and being able to offer our service to people visiting the South West on holiday through Classic Cottages is an amazing opportunity for our business and all the other companies we work with."


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