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Rubbish Beach Art

We like rubbish art. Art made of rubbish that is. It looks a lot nicer than when it’s strewn across the sand plus it goes a little way towards making our planet a little bit healthier.

Our latest beach clean at Loe Bar, near Porthleven, saw us collecting several sacks of rubbish, but you can’t really make a sculpture out of wet wipes and used nappies! So we schlepped over to the north coast that afternoon to discover some real rubbish art.

Perranporth beach

Perranporth is a coastal town with a large stretch of family-friendly beach to enjoy. Very large. So when looking for the Rubbish Art be prepared for a bit of a trek. It's a beautiful place to visit though, so if you want to go, stay nearby with our holiday cottages near Perranporth.

We chose an unusually hot day to seek out the Beach People, which was very much to our detriment. Without sounding too melodramatic, we have experienced what it may be like to be lost in a desert. Thankfully we survived, but to help you avoid a similar near-death experience, here’s a handy interactive map (click on the pointers for parking info etc).

View Perranporth Rubbish Art in a larger map

We took a bit of a backward route, where walking on hot coals would've been comparative bliss to the white sands scalding our soles. The downward expedition wasn't so bad, it was the return journey where every 'last' dune revealed not the car park from it's summit, but yet another valley and mountainous far side.

Mountainous dunes

Now, we don’t want to encourage rubbish on a beach, but this is one way to make something of it. The only distraction from a stunning sweep of clotted cream sand and a sea that epitomised 'aquamarine', was the bright colours of debris stacked on the bank. As we got closer, the stack morphed into a pair of fisherman's friends; heads of orange buoys, hair a blue mesh of rope and clothing of fishing nets, perched like a couple of stockinged old ladies putting the world to rights. All they were missing was a cup of tea - and the ability to talk. Not that you'd want to hear them yabbering away in such a tranquil location. The bustle of Perranporth was almost out of sight, that's how long this beach is, and all that could be heard was the rustle of the dune grass with the gentle lull of the sea. Oh, and lots of 'owing' and 'ouching' thanks to our flip-flopped feet sinking into scalding sand.

Sit and survey

It makes a better beach for all if you pick up after yourself – no one wants to stand on a barbecue hidden in the sand. And no one wants to see the local wildlife suffer thanks to small bits of plastic being swallowed. If everyone is just a little bit mindful, we can all continue to enjoy our fabulous coastlines.

The fisherman's friends


What a viewA sense of scale

We'd love to see your beach building efforts - pick up all those bits of plastic and put them to good use. Then email us at so we can share them on-line and don't forget to bin your rubbish afterwards! Inspire some eco-friendly artwork with your efforts, the marine life will thank you.

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