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Out of the Valley on Dartmoor

At the beginning of each section of our brochure, we’ve brought together a few like-minded pioneers, passionate people who follow a similar ethos and encapsulate a little bit of where they live. You see it’s more than just the place where you lay your head for the night. We want you to fully immerse yourself in what the South West is all about, see the sights, hear the sounds and fall in love with the local way of life.

And so we introduce...

Out of the Valley

Out of the Valley

Nestled deep in a protected valley on the northern edge of Dartmoor, Rupert saved a dilapidated timberframed barn and spent a year converting it into a workshop in ‘what feels like the foothills of the great tors that dot the landscape’. 

He moved there in 2012 having been a product and furniture designer in London, but the landscape drew him back to Devon: ‘Dartmoor is a very inspiring place to live and work, surrounded by such a wild and beautiful landscape’.

‘I’m lucky to live within Dartmoor National Park; it’s a protected area and will hopefully remain so. But unfortunately in other parts of the world the landscape is changing rapidly and dramatically through the destruction of precious ecosystems, this is why I try to encourage people to live lightly on the earth in a sustainable, harmonious and peaceful way. I love being able to use local and sustainable sources of timber and work with a number of local sawmills that supply our workshop with larch and oak. I can generally source everything I need within a 20 mile radius – the future of Out of the Valley is very much in the valley, with the potential to power the workshop with a micro hydro turbine making use of the River Teign flowing past the door.

The shelter and fertility of the valley lends itself to a rich diversity of plant and animal life. Within ten minutes you can be up on moorland and in another ten, have walked beyond the habitable line, into a timeless landscape that defines Dartmoor. Being close to Exeter means it’s very easy to operate as a company while being relatively isolated, you can be in London in just over two hours, yet when the ocean beckons, and wind and tide coincide I can be kitesurfing within 45 minutes.

I love the isolation of living in Devon; it provides me with so much of the inspiration behind my work and my desire to help preserve our fragile landscape through low impact dwellings. I really enjoy having the space away from the capital to help develop my new ideas, I find it gives my creativity space to breathe.’ 


Meet the Maker Out of the Valley


Out of the Valley is difficult to describe in a way that will do justice to their creations. Led by nature, Rupert and his team use local materials and green technologies to create little worlds of exquisite loveliness that bridge the gap between people and nature. When his works of art are complete,  you can often find them exhibited during Clerkenwell Design Week and London Design Festival. The Mint Gallery in Kensington represents Rupert's furniture designs.

To get a feel for Rupert's work and be inspired by his designs, delve in to the Out of the Valley website.

And if you want to stay in a location that makes you feel the way Rupert does, have a look at our holiday cottages on Dartmoor.

Rupert at work Out of the Valley in action Out of the Valley furniture


All images supplied by Rupert at Out of the Valley.

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