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Metal Chickens of west Cornwall

We scoured the landscape of west Cornwall to find Mike and his Metal Chickens. He encapsulates a little of what we love about where we live and follows a similar ethos - a like-minded pioneer, one of the passionate people we've found to feature in our brochure.

A holiday is more than just the place where you lay your head for the night so we've dug under the skin of each area so you can fully immerse yourself in what the South West is all about, see the sights, hear the sounds and fall in love with the local way of life.

And so we introduce...

Michael Chaiken Metal Chicken

Mike Chaikin ‘feels like a proper farmer now’, working on two acres of inherited woodland that had been neglected for 30 years, to try and make some order out of their seven acres. He’s just got a tractor to mow the fields but his chickens tend to be of the metal variety… 

Wife Susie spotted the potential of White Caunce Farm, just north of Mousehole, and they both fell in love with it immediately. Moving from an area surrounded by noisy roads, the possibility of turning outbuildings into studios in the middle of the Cornish countryside was a no-brainer. ‘I love working in my studio, looking out onto the fields where the buzzards soar and hearing my children, Lola Rose and Florence Tallulah, playing in the great outdoors.’ 

‘The old piggery is now Susie’s space for her mosaic art and the ex-cow shed is now my spacious metalwork studio – we’ve put windows everywhere to make the most of our surroundings. I love the openness and beauty of the surrounding countryside, the friendly neighbours and the peace and quiet, watching nature change with the seasons’.

A far cry from his days as a hospital doctor, cottage owner Mike has since travelled the world with his art, teaching in New Zealand and exhibiting in countries all over the world, but choosing to base himself and his family in west Cornwall.

‘It’s an inspiring place to live and work, I’m currently working with the wind, creating balanced sculptures that dance on the lightest of breezes.’ His sculptures ‘look beautiful when still and spectacular when they move’. 

Metal Chicken Metal Chicken sculptures Metal Chicken Sculptures by Mike Chaikin


Mike's taken his far west inspiration and spread it around the world. There's a little bit of Cornwall on many a continent and although they may not look too Cornish, they are filled with west Cornwall sentiment.

A light touch, an innate beauty, a delicacy and exquisite nature that complements their origins. Find out more on the Metal Chicken website.

Then visit west Cornwall to see some metal chickens for yourself.


Metal centipede by Metal Chicken


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